We Believe In MILK That Tastes Incredible

Amish Country Dairy provides a unique and natural dairy option for your daily glass of milk. Our signature cream-top dairy comes in a variety of natural flavors, using only real ingredients.

At ACD, we believe in the importance of knowing where your milk comes from – and that’s here – in Amish Country, Indiana.

Take it – Shake it – Taste it, our milk speaks for itself.

Cream-top whole milk

Our yummy cream on top whole milk has not been altered from nature’s own perfect formula. Now in 16oz(pint) & 101oz(just under a gallon) sizes

Real ingredients

Our ingredients remind us of home. Real flavor additions are sourced locally for the best drinking experience. Our milk label is easy to understand – so you know what is in your next sip. 


Real fruit, real flavors

3 Ingredients. That’s all it takes to flavor our milk varieties. Enjoy a cup in the morning, or add it with your baking for extra flavor.  

Great Milk – Caffeine kick

Our Maple Coffee cream top whole milk is made with local 100% Pure maple syrup, the best coffee 

The Best milk guaranteed

Coffee Bean

Best ingredients

Coffee Bean

Quality Milk

Coffee Bean

Perfect taste



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monday thru saturday

11AM & 7PM 

by appointment only.

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